Our Team

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Francis Boyes

Francis is Smoothwater’s owner, outfitter, ORCKA-certified paddling instructor, office manager, and maintenance man. Much of his work happens behind the scenes, but he keeps Smoothwater up and running! Francis is a life-long canoe tripper, a former professional photographer, and a dedicated environmental advocate. He is a founding director of Friends of Temagami, a local conservation organization, and served for 15 years on Temagami’s Local Citizens’ Committee, advising the Ministry of Natural Resources on forest management planning. During the fall/winter season, Francis teaches Recreation & Leisure Management at Fleming College.

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Johanna Kilbridge

Johanna is Francis’ partner, in life and in Smoothwater. Johanna takes care of the hospitality end of things, though she’s always keen to lend a hand with outfitting, office admin, or maintenance as needed! She also oversees Smoothwater’s garden, and uses its bounty to delicious effect in her role as Smoothwater’s cook. Johanna has a degree in Philosophy from Trent University and diploma in Business Admin from Fleming College.

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John Kilbridge

John is Johanna’s father, and valued support staff! When he’s not busy at the Temagami Canoe Company, John can often be found at Smoothwater, outfitting trips and dispensing backcountry wisdom to enthralled clients. John’s ties to Temagami go back to the 1960s, when he was a camper at a traditional tripping camp. He has lived in Temagami since the 1970s, when he left law school to learn the art of canoe building in northern Ontario. A certified teacher, John has guided canoe trips and interpretative hikes for Smoothwater, and has lent his vast knowledge of traditional skills to many of our educational programs.

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Juno, Griffin, & Alfie

Juno is a fluffy collie who acts as "property manager", patrolling the boundaries of Smoothwater and making sure everything is as it should be. Her ongoing project is a hole in the ground under the deck, which she nestles in for coolth on hot summer days. She's friendly and gentle.

Griffin is the newest addition to the Smoothwater family. Young and curious, he has proven to be an excellent lodge dog, welcoming everyone with a wagging tail. He loves to swim and can often be found hanging out on the dock. 

Alfie is a big, handsome tabby who loves attention. He's a lot like a dog, preferring to spend time with his humans or Juno when he's not sleeping. He even goes for walks down the lane. He enjoys meeting new people and welcomes any cuddles they offer.


Our History

Established in 1985, Smoothwater is Temagami’s oldest continuously-operated outfitting company. In 1994, Smoothwater was bought by business partners Francis Boyes & Caryn Colman, when a love of the wilderness prompted them to swap city life for the northern wilds. Both creative types, each brought with them skills and interests that shaped Smoothwater into a multifaceted operation. Building on the canoe outfitting business started by Hap Wilson ten years earlier, Caryn and Francis expanded offerings to include acclaimed local cuisine and lodging, as well as creative workshops inspired by the beauty and diversity of the Temagami region. Johanna joined the team in 2012, and instantly proved to be a natural fit.