Smoothwater Outfitters & Lodge
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Why Smoothwater?


We do things differently.

It's not the outfitter who makes a canoe trip great - it's your adventurous spirit, can-do attitude and the magical landscape of Temagami. We're here to make sure your whole experience is as excellent as your trip, from planning to paddling to payment. Here are a few things that set us apart.




Start earlier or arrive later. 

We're open earlier, and longer, every day of the week.

Get your canoe in the water sooner.

We're closest to the most popular access points: Mowat Landing, Red Squirrel Road/Ferguson Bay, Montreal River/Beauty Lake Road, and Lake Anima-Nipissing.

Roll out of bed ready to go.

Get a good night's sleep at our lodge and start your canoe trip fresh the next day. It beats driving up from the city at 3 am to get an early start!


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Personalized Service

We spend as much time as you need helping you feel comfortable on your journey - getting to know your unique needs, planning your route, helping you pack, and teaching you how to easily flip a canoe for portaging. We'll attach your canoe to your car, and make sure you know how to tie it back on at the end of your trip! And, if you're curious about Temagami's fascinating history and ecology, we're happy to tell you our favourite stories. 

Conversely, if you need to get in-and-out in a hurry, we can do that too! We take our cues from you.

For guests staying on-site, we're happy to suggest day trips, recommend perfect accommodations, and tailor meals to suit your tastes.


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Our customers depend upon us to honour their reservations, and we depend upon our customers to carry through with their travel plans. To secure your booking, we require a modest deposit of 30%. If your plans change unexpectedly, our generous cancellation policy gives you an out with minimal penalty.