Meals at Smoothwater

Don't miss the chance to spend time in the home lodge, where you can explore northern culture through the art, books, and people that inhabit it. Not to mention the food! No promises, but you might find some cattail pollen in your pancakes, harvested right from the shore. It doesn't get much more local (or Northern) than that. Finally, our deck provides a superb view a thriving wetland lake. By early July, you can smell the scent of water lilies wafting over the water, and if you look closely you can see loons nesting in the bay nearby. If you get lucky, you may also see herons, bald eagles, beavers, otters, and turtles.

Please note: Meals must be reserved in advance. Prices are exclusive of HST (13%) and meal gratuities (15%).

Delicious breakfast-min.JPG


A true paddler's breakfast to set you up for the day. Menu changes daily but always includes fresh fruit, bacon or sausages, coffee, tea, and orange juice. Breakfast is served at 8 am - don't miss out! - and you'll have access to the home lodge dining room, living room, and deck from 8 - 10 am. 

$7.50/child (12 & under)

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Packed Lunch

Keep your energy up on the trail or in the canoe! Includes a sandwich or wrap, fresh veggies & fruit, and homemade dessert. Water bottles are available to borrow.

$7.50/child (12 & under)

Smoothwater dinner.jpg


A true Temagami feast! The dinner menu changes daily but always includes appetizers, main, sides, dessert, tea/coffee. We prefer to serve high-quality meats and lots of veggies, grown in nearby Temiskaming. The more colourful the meal, the better! Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available with advance notice.

Appetizers are served at 6:30 pm; dinner is served at 7:30 pm. We are not licensed to serve alcohol but you are welcome to bring your own to the table. Weather-allowing, dinner might be served outside on the deck. Inside, the table is brightened by antique oil lamps and colourful Fiestaware dishes.

$27.50/child (12 & under)