Canoe Rentals

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Paddling Gear


Transport Gear


*Rates are by calendar day. After-hours pick-ups and returns (up to 10pm) can be arranged; a $10-per-canoe fee applies.

**Each canoe rental includes a bow painter, one paddle per person, a bailer and floating rescue rope. The ABS whitewater canoe rentals include the required safety equipment and are equipped with contoured foam kneeling pads.

***The Canadian Coast Guard requires that paddlers have one whistle per boat. Whistles are available for purchase on-site.

Our Fleet

Each year we renew a portion of our canoe fleet, and we meticulously maintain and repair all of our canoes so that they are in excellent condition for our customers.

Regarding weight: The use of materials like carbon fiber and epoxy resins and manufacturing techniques such as vacuum bagging can reduce weight while maintaining a canoe’s hull stiffness. However, these canoes are more expensive to manufacture and they are less durable. Consequently, our extra light canoes are less able to absorb wear and tear, particularly in an area like Temagami, which is characterized by rocky shorelines and rugged portages. Their higher rental price reflects their higher purchase price, their greater maintenance cost and their shorter rental lifetime.